Boost your team’s design productivity with Usability Resources’ customized training.

UR offers one-day training workshops on:

1. Planning, moderating, and evaluating a usability study
2. Practical and actionable user research techniques
3. Prototyping and the fundamentals of user interface design
4. Mobile user interface design

UR's remote or on-site training classes can be integrated right into your project so that your design team can learn on the job. 

How it works. 

We meet with you to discuss your team's learning objectives. Depending on your need, we will recommend the best workshop, and go over the curriculum with you in detail, customize it as necessary.

UR's classes are delivered as live hands-on workshops. The material synthesizes each usability topic down to the essential concepts.

The logistics are easy. The classes can be run in a comfortable conference room with a whiteboard and overhead projector.

What it includes. 

Six hours of live and engaging instruction

A series of in-class projects that will help the student retain new information as they put their learning into action

Each student receives a workbook with a bibliography that will allow them to continue skill building.

Here’s some examples of how training was used to enhance team skills.

A young software company created an innovative and very successful product. They wanted to introduce usability into their software development process but were unsure of how to do this without impacting their delivery schedule. They hired Usability Resources to run a series of user interface design workshops with their product management and development teams. Using the feature redesign as our focus, the team learned how to produce wireframes for the new feature, gather end user feedback, and produce a polished version that could go directly to production.

A large non-profit organization was in the process of redesigning their Intranet which would be accessed by employees worldwide. They wanted to make sure the Intranet had all the information staff needed and that it was easy to access information. They hired Usability Resources to deliver a 3-day training to their IT staff that focused on the principles of Web design for different audiences.